Suffolk Pointe Ribbon

Suffolk Pointe Ribbon

Pinky Pads

Pinky Pads

Jelly Toes

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These elasticized fabric tube lined with a thin gel strip are a 3" Jelly Toe that can be cut to size and placed over any of the smaller toes. They aid in reducing pressure that causes blisters and corns.

Hand wash with mild detergent. Allow to air dry completely Exposed gel may be dusted lightly with talcum powder after drying. Reusable.

2 per package.

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Sizing Charts by Manufacturer:

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Bloch (Item #'s begin with 'BL')

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How To Measure:

BUST Measure around the fullest part of the bustline
WAIST Measure around the smallest part of the waist
HIPS Measure around the fullest part of the hips, approximately 8" below the waist
GIRTH Measure in a full circle from the shoulder at the neck, down under the fullest part of the bust, through the center of the crotch, and back up to the starting point at the shoulder