Pointe Comfort Pad

Pointe Comfort Pad

Vamp Elastic 3

Vamp Elastic 3" Wide

Ultra Lite Pointe Comfort Pad

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Made by Eurtoard, these pads help ensure maximum comfort with sides and edges of these pads made as thin as possible. The longevity of the Pointe Comfort toe pads will coincide with how gently they are applied or removed. To prevent tearing the pads as you put them on, place the toe end of the pad in the palm of your hand, sprinkle the pad lightly both inside and outside with a light coating of body powder, then gently push the pad up onto the bare foot. Then, pull your tights on over the pads being careful to smooth the sides and edges of the pad up onto the foot as you go. You may trim the top edge of the pad as needed. The Pointe Comfort toe pads work best when worn with convertible tights. The convenient opening of these tights allows easy access to apply or remove the pads.

Our products can be worn over tights, but when doing so you lose some of the material’s ability to absorb and dissipate shock and shear forces. This may contribute to blister development.

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